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CISGC Programs

Communities In Schools of Greenbrier County (CISGC) is a non-profit stay-in-school organization dedicated to:

“Surrounding students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life.”

In the past, the school was the center of community activity and in our vision of building sustainable communities, we once again look to the schools as the cornerstone of our project. CISGC works within the public system, aligning additional resources and support to schools so children can focus on their job: learning. CISGC works with educators, parents, community organizations, local businesses, government agencies, law enforcement, and citizens to provide individual, group, and school-wide programming.

CISGC current sites include:

Greenbrier East High School

Eastern Greenbrier Middle School

Western Greenbrier Middle School

Alderson Elementary School

Crichton Elementary School

Smoot Elementary School

Rainelle Elementary School

Ronceverte Elementary School

Rupert Elementary School

White Sulphur Springs Elementary School

Frankford Elementary School

Lewisburg Elementary School


CISGC routinely evaluates and monitors the progress of our students and programs to ensure we are effectively meeting student needs. According to Communities In Schools of Greenbrier County 2018 – 2019 data, of case-managed CISGC students:

98% moved on to the next grade

89% met their academic improvement goals

88% met their attendance improvement goals

100% of CISGC seniors graduated

2819 total students were served

283 students received one-on-one case management services

CISGC works in our schools each day to help our students in Greenbrier County achieve their individual academic, social and behavioral goals.


Targeted and Sustained Services for Individual Students

Each day, students come to school with unique, and sometimes unrecognized, challenges and struggles. CISGC strives to address the needs of students which keep them from fully engaging in the classroom. CISGC site coordinators create tailored case plans for individual students facing academic, behavioral, or emotional hurdles. Unique strategies are developed to provide the student, and their families, with whatever resources are necessary for them to meet their goals in and out of the classroom.

CISGC mentor programs enables students to develop a one-on-one relationship with a caring adult. The goal of CISGC mentor programs is to provide students with the support and guidance that may be lacking in their home environment. CISGC matches each mentor with a student based on similar personalities and common interests. Mentors spend approximately one hour once a week with their student.

Visit the ‘Get Involved’ section to learn how you can become a mentor/tutor/volunteer.


Widely Accessible Services for Schools

CISGC provides needed resources and services for all students in CISGC schools. In collaboration with the schools and community partners, CISGC provides student’s with physical resources (school supplies, books, etc.) and educational programming based upon the current needs and challenges of our schools.

Helping students prepare for life includes more than obtaining a high school diploma. It means knowing how to work cooperatively with others, solve problems, and resolve differences in a constructive manner. CISGC is working with students to help them develop these skills.

CISGC currently provides group and school-wide programming on issues such as academics, truancy, social and emotional literacy, anti-bullying, cultural awareness, health and nutrition, conflict resolution, and enrichment and motivation.


Some of CISGC’s 2017- 2018 Programs included:

– “Stuff the Bus” school supply drive

– Christmas For A Knight

– Youth Entrepreneurship Program with Vis Ability

– Breakfast Buddies Family Engagement Program

– Moms and More Family Engagement Program

– Lunch & Learn groups

– Community Reading Days

– “Cool WV Women” speaker series

– Service and service-learning projects at each site

– Small-group sessions

– Guest Speakers

… and many more!

If you or our business is interested in learning more about CISGC’s programs, click on the “Get Involved” tab on the left of the screen.


Local Resources:

Communities In Schools of Greenbrier County Facebook Page

Greenbrier County Schools

Eastern Greenbrier Middle School

Western Greenbrier Middle School

Rainelle Elementary School

Rupert Elementary School

Crichton Elementary School

Ronceverte Elementary School

Smoot Elementary School

White Sulphur Springs Elementary School

Alderson Elementary School

State Resources:

  • WV Department of Education
  • WV Department of Health and Human Resources

National Resources:


The CIS affiliate brings support and resources to the schools in their community by doing the following:

  • Conducts an assessment of the community to determine the need for CIS
  • Partners with school district leadership to identify where CIS can have the greatest impact
  • Hires, trains and assigns a site coordinator to a school in need
  • Partners with the school districts, local agencies, businesses and foundations to garner support for the organization and its work
  • Mobilizes community resources to address academic and nonacademic barriers
  • Continuously evaluates their work at all levels to ensure progress is made and goals are met

Tier 1s: School Wide Services

Basic Needs/Resources
College/Career Preparation
Life/Social Skills
Social and Emotional Learning
Academic Assistance
Behavior Intervention/Modification
Family Engagement
College/Career Preparation
Life/Social Skills

Tier 2s: Targeted Programs

Small Group discussion with Case-Managed and Non-Case-managed students.Tier 2s: Targeted Programs



Tier 3s: Individualized Supports

One-on-one case- managed students